5 Day Lead Gen Experience

April 26 - 30, 2021 - online

What would 100 leads do for your business?

If you got 100 leads (= people interested in what you do) next week, what would happen to your business?

One thing I can guarantee:

👉 MOMENTUM would happen

What does that mean?

It means opportunities, interesting conversations, doors opening, creative ideas flowing, insights from your market, and.... a whole bunch of other things you and I cannot predict or foresee.

That's my definition of momentum. Or call it "taking action" if you want.

Are you up for it?

Let's get started: Ready, Aim.. Fire!

  • Goal is to get 100 leads for your business by the end of the week
  • Implement 7 organic Lead Generation Strategies over 5 days
  • There's a prize to win for the top producer
  • ​Convert at least 5 - 10 % of the Leads into paying clients
BETA round now open for registration!

Requirements are...

  • at least 45 min for 5 days to implement (no specific time - during the day)
  • your committment to stay and do the whole 5 days - and to implement (not just consume information)
  • implementation needs to be done daily

Crazy Money Back Guarantee

When you implement the Lead Gen Strategies and attend the conversion training - and you're not 100 % blown away by the value & results - we'll pay you your money back - no questions asked!

You will get...

  • Access to private Facebook Group upon registration
  • Pretraining in the Facebook Group (Value 250 CHF)
  • 7 Lead Generation Strategies with Templates (Value 840)
  • ​Conversion Training - 90 min, live (online) May 3, 2021 (Value 250 CHF)

Total Value CHF 1'340.00

Get Access Today For CHF 97

Just CHF 19

Seats for Beta Round are limited - first come, first serve basis

Registration for April 26 - 30, 2021 closes

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Sorry! Registration for the Beta Round is closed!

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What others are saying...

3 Hour Lead Challenge

Session was amazing, Mastermind, Ugly videos, can totally vouch for working with Nathalie * all useful strategies, moving me a big step forward, loved the mastermind * loved the reinforcement * simplicity of the ideas, mobilizing other people, indirect selling * amazing session, very pragmatic and simple * make it less perfect * given me knowledge and skills to help me grow my business beyond
Roderick Lambert, UK
(Target: Executives)

Joined to get strategies that are easy to use, immediatly to try them out during the challenge. Moving from theory to action in a short time and see the results right away. Just reaching out to people, boardroom strategy: tried it - and it worked! setting up a whole Linkedin Group around it.
It just helps to get out of your Comfort Zone, very interactive, Nathalie is great at getting people involved, Just getting it done, it's action based! Really pleasant, fun and energizing!
3 Hour Lead Challenge

The simplicity of it - getting out there more regularly * doing it in a group and not making it perfect really helps * choose one small offer - am always caught in complexitiy * thank you so much, it was amazing - biggest learning: not to overthink, just go out and do it * talking with others in the group * 2 am here in India, I'm still awake - was phenomenal * beautiful session - am fortunate to have come across such a great opportunity * now I know what to do with my contacts, you have connected the dots * amazing and fun, time passes so fast
Bernhard Heinzler, CEO of CAPSO Gmbh (Target: Service based Businesses)

 "Helpful thing to have the team run thru my contacts on Linkedin. The feedback I got was really positive. I now have the luxury problem to have too many requests to answer... and I already brought in other customers and prospects for this service."
Ute Meiborg, Germany
(Target: Personnel Developers)

"I knew I needed to do something to grow my Target Audience. I picked Nathalie because of her professionalism and attitude which made her stand out.
I was really surprised, doubled my connections of qualified leads on Linkedin, just the ones I was looking for, many interesting contacts & leads. Take what you can get from Nathalie and learn from her!"
Dhiren Desa, CEO of Parmenides / Eidos SW
(Target: Large Corporations)

"Thanks to Nathalie and her team we've landed a multi-billion $ company after working with the sourcing team for 1 month plus got 350 highly valuable leads to work with. This is a 1000 x ROI after only 1 month - I highly recommend working with her!"
Marcel Bischoff, Switzerland
(Target: Executives, retreats)

 "After 6 days of the Active Sourcing / Lead Generation Service I got 160 new leads, out of which 9 people wanting more: 6 calls/appointments and 3 asked for information. I'm very happy with the result and highly recommend it"
3 Hour Lead Challenge
really liked the very first strategy, very simple but useful * realized I have to break down my fundamentals and be more specific * just getting 5 - 6 people together so they can feel you and hear you * find the right pain points * Creativity works better together * head stand videos - brilliant * I can see myself using all 3 strategies
Raul Ladrero, Germany
(Target: Real Estate Investors)

"The truth is the system works. 13 % sales conversion and my biggest lesson is the importance of following a proven system.
Just follow the process of Nathalie. You get huge added value, very recomendable."

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