Alex Lanz, Netherlands
Leadership Coach in Corporations

"As a leadership coach I focus on critical team transformations, my target group are medium size companies within Europe. Before starting the IPL process I expected to get a system in place to get leads, but found out I had to go back and do my homework first, or in other words: Define what really is my core offering.
The IPL process helped me to narrow my focus, or as my friend says: I had to make a to be chosen. I love to bring things immediately into practice, so I decided to use my new product pitch in my next sales conversation - and it resulted in a direct sale! Within 4 weeks, I got back an ROI of 25 x my original investment with IPL.
My advise: Be coachable and trust the IPL process! My favorite thing was being made aware of the choices you have to make and it's sometimes only little adjustments you need to do to get to the next level. I knew I had 4 weeks of low season and I fully dedicated it to the program, do this investment in yourself so you can easily accelerate.
It feels peaceful after having gone thru the process because I know I did my homework well and I can now focus on the market: There will be more yesses than ever before (so far 100 % conversion rate).
My tip: Work on yourself and try this process out immediatly! "
André Hefti, Switzerland
Self Leadership Coach

"Before starting the IPL process the challenge was that I have a good knowledge about a lot of stuff, I tried to offer almost everything to everybody, so it was hard for me to create a clear product.
Biggest result or aha was that I had a clear product and my clients understand the product - and it works! The first person I offered this product - he bought. And then a second one, and a third sale!
Only started 4 weeks ago.
My favorite thing? Everything was my favorit thing!
You and my coach Christelle were great sparring partners, helped me a lot to go and overcome my own resistance inside.
Mix between coaching and and the academy/lms, to accept the way you taught and follow the process.
I gained clarity for myself during the process, what I actually am selling.
My tip: Just do it!"
The challenge was I had no Idea how to market my coaching skills and how to get clients. The prospect of that was daunting and I did not want to waste a lot of time trying to figure it out on my own.
I joined the IPS and I got clarity straight away. I love the way how it is modular and each bit builds on top of one another - so there's no overwhelm. You get just the right information to take the next step. Went from having a just broad skill to the business becoming much more solid for me, that was massive because I now know what I need to talk about with interested people. The IPS program showed me what and how to communicate.

And I already found a client even before my own deadline! My recommendation: If you're in doubt, just do it and make really good use of the coach you're assigned to. My coach helped me thru the roadblocks, so it's much more than just doing the exercises, found that invaluable.

Jack Moscrop
Coach for Meaning & Purpose
"Before I joined the mentioning of sales scared me. The challenge I was facing was being a new coach, completed my training last year and asked myself: Now what?
What I love the most about the IPS is: It takes the coaching training I had and converts it into a business, in a step by step way. And getting my business off the ground to making a profit. Love the structure!
I also love the whole process- especially the gamified approach to learning, it's a lot of fun! Takes away the overwhelm of learning. And the community: An amazing group of people, shared passion, shared values. Plus having a coach by your side for support.
If you get the opportunity to be part of it - go for it!"

- Kagiso Molatlhwa, Botswana
Executive & Management Coach
"Until I started the IPS I was a really broad life coach, I could do many things. It was tough to explain it to people. The consequence of that was: the business did not work and sales suffered. 

It got me very confident to create the product. Best thing is the group, we comment each other, we have coaches who support us and we can see ideas that we did not think about before.

My tip: If you're a coach and you're kind of stuck and not going anywhere, go for it, it's the best thing you can do for yourself."

- Marion Dumazy, Germany
Decide Now! Coach
I have been working as an independent coach for some time now, and I am grateful to have a lot of work. However, most of this involves working one-on-one in highly personalized settings, which means that while I work a lot, I cannot really scale up my coaching activities.
For several years, I have been considering developing my own product that I can create just once and then sell it to multiple customers. That's why I decided to go for the IPS process. With a very well-structured approach, I was able to successfully create and sell my own product- an online course for busy working mothers, in a short span of time.
The online learning portal was particularly useful, providing me with step-by-step guidance, as well as the regular Zoom calls with my personal coach. The one-on-one calls with Nathalie, as well as the mutual support and feedback in the LinkedIn group, were also very encouraging in my process.
Now I have a clear product that I can offer and sell with confidence.
For anyone looking to create their own product and expand or scale up their business, I highly recommend the IPS process.

- Tanja Hofstetter, Happy Mother Coach and Wingwave Expert, Switzerland 
- Andras Kapros, Hungary
"3 yrs ago joined one of Nathalie's workshops and signed up for the group coaching. She got us out of our comfort zone, helped me overcome self limiting believs and how to represent myself better.
Thank you for believing in me!"
- Elise Dorsett, US 
"When I first started I had separate projects going and was not sure how to integrate them all and how to build a sustainable business.

When you posititioned me with the pmp (profitable marketable product) you helped me create a package deal - a lot more focused, knowing what to say and which direction to go.
As a transformational life coach I was not tangible, but you "forced" me to get tangible and make it relevant to my audience. So they finally understood what I offered, got tracktion, more people saw my posts, filled up my group program right after having a baby - and 2 high-end clients in the past month.
Definitly your encouragement to not give up and keep on going has been huge for me."
- Elisabeth Tognazza, Switzerland 
"Working with Process Managers I find they are very often stressed and under a lot of pressure. With the PMP (profitable marketable product) we created the Souveraign Leader Approach with a unique twist to what I do with them in the program.

Within the PMP process Nathalie helped me to do a very soft sales pitch, I had a couple of conversations and already have a highend client - even though I'm brandnew in business.

I recommend any Coach to have your PMP done for you - I got real value for the money."
- Cla Mosca, Switzerland
Coach, Facilitator, Therapist 
"Went from Greenhorn in Sales to selling over 10'000 Swiss Francs to 2 clients after my 3rd pitch - it was shocking, really. I said to myself: "F... this PMP works! Just do what Nathalie tells you to do."
- Ulrike Seminati, France
Female Leadership Coach
"I was struggling to find the right angle for my business, knew I wanted to do something for leadership but I was not clear and not able to sharpen this message.
During the process a bunch of fluffy ideas suddenly became a systematic approach which is attractive for left and right brain people. It made a huge difference because I was very clear to develop my whole funnel up to the highend product.
The first 5 calls I did with potential customers were really successful: 4 out of the 5 are happy to start with me! It was a completely different sales experience, it is suddenly really easy to sell it."
- Bert Evers, Netherlands
Leadership Coach Athletes & Exec.
"Before we started working together I was totally lost - did not know where to start to create my offering. After only 2,5 months I now did 11 pitches and the feedback for my compelling offer is: Very well understandable, clear message, a lot of benefits and the concrete results are 1 sale, 4-5 close to completing an agreement (or a sale) and 2 others with very positive input and a good chance getting business out of it. I moved from nothing to paying clients within 2,5 months!."
- Christelle Pillot, France 
"After 5 years of searching for the right niche, I started the Coaching Business Academy and gained clarity in less then 2 months! 

Plus I already found a client in my new niche after 6 weeks of the Academy thanks to the strategy I learned"
1 Year later.... spontaneous testimonial - Christelle Pillot, France 
"Before working with Nathalie I was struggling to find my niche, the first 3 months I found my niche and built my 2 programs.
It was very intense and very clear - and very easy, I loved that. Another take-away how to use the interview process to fill my groups, very easily, very nicely.
Loved the strategy call template and how to sell and how to help, I'm not nervous about this anymore. And the last part, the Sales Experience - I now have all the processes in order to lead to my big program - it's just perfect!"
- Guy Anastaze, France 
"I had a prospect who declined my offer and I told him about this new product Nathalie developed and he said: Wow, that's what I need! So I got to a very nice offering for a team and sold my new product directly a few hours after I got it.
Then tested it with my business partner, she loved the concept, the simplicity of the approach, you can memorize the things easily. It makes a lot of sense the way the components are articulated."

- Joe Anderson Rau, Germany
"I was hesitant at first because I was already in another program for my Coaching Business. I decided to sign up because the promise was clarity, focus and clients. After 45 days I have an ROI of 7 - 14 x my initial investment - defintly got what I came for!"
- Andreas Tadge, Germany 
"Stick to your values, I think it's one of the most important things. And when you say something, stick to it. If you're not authentic, many people will recognize it.

And that is what you can definitly learn from Nathalie, because she is always completely authentic. And that's what I love and that's why I'm here, and that's what I want to learn, too, that I do it in the same fantastic way that she does."
- Raul Ladrero, Germany 
"The truth is the system works. 13 % sales conversion  and my biggest lesson is the importance of following a proven system. 

Just follow the process of Nathalie. You get huge added value, very recomendable."
- Andras Kapros, Hungary 
"3 yrs ago joined one of Nathalie's workshops and signed up for the group coaching. She got us out of our comfort zone, helped me overcome self limiting believs and how to represent myself better.

I highly highly recommend working with Nathalie, she's always ready to help you, very friendly, gives you a lot of value and creates such a friendly atmosphere in her environment."
Coaching Business Academy: Group Wins 
It is one thing to get results for your own business, but to help others do the same is 1000 times better :-D !!!

"13 interviews done and 4 clients out of it!"
"one of the prospects met with me in person"
"big win: Found a client for my coaching in the company where I work now!"
"I did the post we created together and got overwhelmed: 18 leads and 9 calls scheduled within a few hours!"
Ken Kurtzweg, Germany
"almost doubling my income within 3,5 months"
Daniele Piva, Italy
"sold my first coaching contract worth 37 kEUR after 2 months"
Florian Fritz
"founded my Millionaire Mind Money School"
Samareh Rahnavardi, South Africa
"3 clients, clarity and thank you so much for crossing my path"
Catrin Rubenson, Sri Lanka / Sweden
"clarity and 4 clients after 2,5 months"
Aaron John Hale, Australia
"accountability, community and strategies that work! all you have to do is implement them"
Cornelia Handschin
"bitcon-granny: 3 clients after only 3 sessions"
Philipp Vollenweider, Switzerland
"results in speaking, sales & getting coaching clients"
James Dand, UK
"got a lot of clarity, created a program and have some paying clients"
Mariana Solorzano, Germany
"13 clients after 6 sessions"
Jeanette Roth
"quadrupled my income within 4 months!" (german translated)
Amani Said, Spain
"starting my coaching Business and fullfilling my dream"
Mark Harvey, UK
"going for my first million now!"
Melody Oonincx, NL
"go for it, it's really worth it!"
Vishal Chaudhari, India
"pipeline filled, 1 corporate client worth 50 k$!"

group wins

"biggest win: confidence I developed over the past month. Because of that I have decided to fulfill my dream and move to spain! A lot of followers on Social Media and more comfortable in fron of the camera"

"More focus on my business, better in presenting it, better story"

"Biggest win: just to get started!"
"Won my biggest contract ever in my career!"
"I'm so grateful for the stuff we've done here - much higher quality, much higher drive, much more helpful then other trainings I've done - just realizing the value of what we do here!"
Mona Tenjo
"Little Voices are much smaller, founded my business, got 3 clients!"
Riccardo Roano
"could not have done it without you"
Nirupama Vyas, India
"9 clients after 3 months - you changed my life!"
Interview with Ken Kurtzweg, Innovation Coach
Interview with Stephany Chantal Jones, Authentic Leadership Coach 

Ken Kurtzweg, Germany
"almost doubled my income within 3 months, got rid of my Little Voice and bought myself a new Tesla"
James Dand, UK
"Thank You"
Mark Harvey, UK
"got to 6 figures within 3 months"
Gaspar da Silva, Brazil
"got 2 clients before even finishing the Quickstart Formula"
Roberto Maugheri, CH
"implemented your sales & social media strategy and got a client straight away!"
Christian Erhard, DE/CH
"learned how to get noticed on Linkedin and got a couple of unexpected clients along the way"
"I was surprised in a positive way - teaching in the form of fun, games - the stuff Nathalie teaches just works. Managed to have 5 events, together have 50 tickets sold, that's a massive ramp-up of my customer base.
You can do this for any industry, just trust Nathalie. She has put up a step-by-step system - everything builds on top of one another. You will be surprised about the results! I'm done with the customer acquisition for the year!"

- Anja Blodow, Germany 
"It's been a game changer: It's the first time that I'm pushing myself without pusing myself because I want to continue, the way it's been setup with baby steps and experiencing it.

all that's been stopping me before that has been a challenge has been broken down into baby steps, so I was getting things done I was so afraid of before.

It was the action taking that made the biggest difference to me. I already sold something to 2 people! Totally recommend it: when you take the action, you'll get the results that you want."

- Diana Blanco, Spain 
"With the EFM (Experience Funnel Masterclass) I learned to create and implement a process to continously bring in people, warm them up and sell to them.
EFM gives you all kind of scripts for the sales part and the process is really clear, step-by-step. I now know what to do to get my next clients. One of the big break thrus was reaching out to people, and I am now able to teach my clients this strategy as well.
Up to date I made 3'045 CHF since the beginning as a result of all the activity I was doing."
- Elise Dorsett, US
"Really liked the fact that we're in the sales process and learning what our customers need. We went from mini event to a bigger event. Took that online yesterday evening and explained it, and I have this morning already 2 people who want to buy it without even trying to sell it!

Wow - that's impressive!"

- Christelle Pillot, France
"You've made it very easy to follow a process, which is a more natural way of doing things

If anyone's worried about being pushy or slimey and manipulative when selling, forget about all that: This is a very open hearted way of working with people.

Thru that process my way of being has changed, so I'm seeing more success in my business. Totally recommend it."

- Martin Daubney, UK 
"The program is very helpful because it challenges you to start selling even before you know what you are selling. All the tips are very helpful, reached over 1000 CHF revenue very quickly, so I'm very happy!"

- Raul Ladrero, Spain
Would you like to be next? 

Book a complimentary Brainstorm Call now where  we'll take a look at your business, see what's working and what isn't and give you a plan on how to take it to the next level!

What Participants of our Workshop "THE SALES BOOTCAMP" say:
Elisabeth Tognazza, CH
"Biggest thing was to sell myself to myself. I have to believe that what I do is good and it gives value. I also value very much the preparation before we did the cold calls - I liked that exercise a lot - getting out of the comfort zone is always amazing."
Tobias Mettmann, Germany
 "sold my very first 2 Coachings at the Sales Bootcamp - big win for me as a Startup Coach!"
Simon Crowe, UK
"really great structures I feel confident to follow. We covered s much in just 2 days, biggest lesson: just do it. During the program I managed to get a new clients, so the thing paid for itself several times over. Absolutely recommend it"
Sherif El-Henaoui, Egypt
"I changed my view on sales and selling, now I see myself as sort of a missionaire. In terms of content, the template for selling 1:many was the key piece because I can use that right away.

written testimonial: It opened my eyes on many aspects I was not thinking about. I learned so much in these two days, that I consider it very well invested money and time."
Andrea Borer, CH
"You made me lose my fear of selling. I always had the feeling I have to not be myself, so now I can be authentic - I must be authentic. And the templates are sensational: You give me the structure and motivated me to go out there and start selling!"

Justin Leigh, UK
"Thank you so much, I've really enjoyed the breath of the program, got a lot of things I want to go back to, build one of those triangles out for my key program. Structure for the call - quite streight forward. Structure of the last 2 days really helped me get clear. And of course your energy and the continued pace of the program - really recommend it"
Leif Krönkvist, Sweden
"you're really good in giving energy, told someone what I do for 2 days and his response: how the f... can you do that? I replied: remember the board meeting where we sat with a stiff neck, wishing for dinner time? Here it's different - congratulations!"
Delia Jones, UK
"I loved the practical tips, it's given me a lot more confidence. Just the energy that you have; I can't believe that I was not bored stupid during these whole 2 days - every other online training leaves me exhausted and I don't feel that way - so thank you for that"

Sunday Marbach, Uganda
"Thank you very much for the teaching, it was amazing! Biggest win was how to connect with the clients, handle objections and the viral marketing"
Melina Plass, Germany
"so many take aways, phrasing it simply: get shit done. Have all these templates and tools now - put them to work! I now feel equiped to just get it done - thank you!"
Rod Ambara, Switzerland
"my 2 biggest takeaways: how to connect with people on the phone and via chat, get people interested in what I offer - that's gonna be a life changer for me!"
Christelle Pillot, France
"found it very interesting and a like the format online, I don't have to organize travel and all that. What I loved the most was templates about "lets get chatty" and the sell like a coach template"
Desirée van der Laan, Netherlands
"I'm not tired at the end of the day, I still have energy. Biggest thing I learned if you know exactly what you sell and you have the right format it's not that difficult! I will start doing phone calls and I would have been totally afraid of that."
Simon Crowe, UK
"really enjoyed the whole experience and I don't know how you kept the energy so high for 2 days. The "Sell like a Coach" template is brilliant, I've had different templates and this one ties it all together. The other thing is the triangle, really great design tool for anything, project, product, offer, think it's really good - both things I can use right away."

Michael Kossmann, Germany
"Since 21 years working as a freelancer I thought I can sell... but, I learned a lot of really great content. What was very helpful was the sales structure and I LOVE your templates. You were very lively, never boring, full of humour and you made it very interesting - full of energy and power the whole 2 days - thank you for that" 
Alexandra Schwarz, Germany
"For me sales is a relatively new topic, the templates were very helpful and I loved the marketing stuff. Sales is a difficult topic for me. It was very smooth and smart how you made an offer and taught at the same time - very smart and smooth. Biggest lesson: Selling can be easy!"
Wolfgang Boll, Germany
"The energy was very high, never boring. A lot of powerful templates, sales is a living process, it's about interaction with people. Lost the hesitance I had before, now I'm much more open - thank you"

Vanessa Dethorey , Switzerland
"really liked the format, variety of exercises, very well balanced. Key learning was handling objections and the marketing piece was very powerful"
Alexandra Schwarz, Germany
The value of the content was really high. I loved the energy and the connecting with the trainer and the seminar members.
It was a good mix of learning (listening), exercising (writing alone or in group work) and having fun together. I liked Nathalie's experience, wisdom and knowledge - it's outstanding for me. Especially I liked the human behaviour (acting on eye level).
Justin Leigh, UK
Very useful 2 day session.
Really applicable principles and structures.
Good energy and experienced trainer. 
Good opportunity to connect with like-minded people.
Elisabeth Tognazza, CH
This is a great training to overcome any negative thoughts, feelings regarding sales!
Lots of tools are offered from which one can chose and elaborate.
This is a must do training.
Simon Crowe, UK
"Yes - A great programme packed with lots of great content and ideas. Lots of practical ideas that can immediately be applied and put into practice."
Delia Jones, UK
I would thoroughly recommend the Sales Boot Camp as it is full of useful tips and tricks- great fun atmosphere and an antidote to the fear of selling. Can't wait to go out and try the techniques!
Ken Kurtzweg, Germany
"Closing a 6 figure deal thanks to the techniques I learned at the Sales Bootcamp!"
Diana Blanco, Spain
"Big Win at the Sales Bootcamp!"
Mattia Brunello
"got back 20 x my investment right there, at the Sales Bootcamp!"
Gaspar da Silva, Zurich (Brazil)
Coming from the IT branch, SALES was always an "alien" to me & Nathalie gracefully showed how easy it is to become a sales expert.
Daniela Babjakova, Zurich (Poland)
I have been on a couple of events of Nathalie, the outcome has always been inspiration, insights, but most importantly = schemes, structure & clarity!!!
Andras Kapros, Zurich (Hungary)
Before the Sales Bootcamp I had no clue how to approach sales. After: good understanding of salesprocess, mindset and proven tools to work with in the future
Mariana Solorzano, Mexico
Loved that Nathalie taught us practical things that we can use to sell. Before the workshop I was having doubts about: selling on stage, handling objections, offer 1:many After the event I learned all those things.
Adrian Gasser, Fällanden
Spent a short day with a lot of learning, training, adapting and improvement. A one day program that usualy is a full-week-training.
Kenneth Kurtzweg, Germany
This Bootcamp is essential for anyone with their own business and to become successful.
Diana Blanco, Spain
One thing is thinking of sales and a completely different one is doing it. Before I wasn't clear on how to add value, now I am and that gives me the confidence to ask for money in return.
Katrin Rossi, Zurich
Engaging & practical content, GREAT PRESENTER.
I always thought that selling is sleezy & horrible. Now I can see that it is about adding value to people who really need my services.
Amani Said, Sweden
I learned even deeper how to adress my "blockers" when it comes to selling and the value of practising objections, which is my biggest challenge.
Although I have attended sales workshops before SBC, I still struggled with selling. After taking this workshop I have been able have even further breakthroughs and remove even more of my blockers that were hiding back to sell! An awesome workshop, take it !!
Kornelia Kotulla, Germany
"sold 10 voice coachings and my business is increasing!"
Michiel Van de Watering, NL
"much better listener after the Sales & Leadership Program"
Amani Said, Germany
"highly recommend the sales workshop"
Anette Schreiber, Germany
"amazing Sales Program"
Tiffany Dahl, Switzerland
"lost my fear of selling"
Björn Uhrig, Germany
"highly recommend the sales program"
Antonio Forni, Switzerland
"great energy & community"
Caty Hendriks, NL
"great sales program"
Chris Greulich, Vienna
"absolute clarity about my niche and a client - thanks to the 3 client finder formula"

Michiel van de Watering, Netherlands

With this excellent Coaching Business Blueprint Workshop Nathalie - The Victory Log - provides a profound experience to grow you coaching business.
From personal development, via business strategy to hands on tactics, this event brings you to your next level.
There was a very good balance in theory, strategy and immediate action with state of the art online tools.

Karin Jahn, Germany

I love the approach of showing and doing in time an getting results immediately. This weekend workshop I learned how to automate easy and fast my sales process and a lot more very useful tools.
Nathalie showed a clear sales process to success and we set up our own system in only two days in a very fast way with free tools.
Thanks also to all participants for the inspiration in our breakout sessions.
Clarity for the process of a successful business as a whole, the knowledge + implementation in an easy and fast way, high engagement all the time for two days, interaction in the group in the breakout sessions.

Guy Anastaze, France

The Coaching Business Blueprint workshop offers a very rich starter to launch my business by providing a clear, concrete and comprehensive process to follow step by step, and a bunch of very useful tools for its implementation. These two days bring great value to any serious entrepreneur.
It provided in 2 days a starter for clear process to grow my business from A to Z, boosted confidence in my capacity to achieve it and concrete tools, tips, useful information.
Thank you Nathalie for your passion, your dedication and your energy!

Anette Schreiber, Germany

Nathalie's online Freedom Coaching Intensive workshop lays out a clear path and plan from start to finish line of how to set up an online business and can be used for other businesses than coaching as well.
The interactions are very helpful as the live actions are to get results or at least a feeling on what's needed to do going forward.
Definitely worth the time and money. Nathalie overdelivered as usual! Do highly recommend it!

  • super clear structure
  • hands on processes and clear next steps
  • greatly interactive with breakout rooms & live actions
  • ​​time for questions inbetween

Tobias Mettmann, Germany

Great Workshop with very much valuable content to increase a coach's business and becoming successful. Perfect mix of listening and working together.
This was a workshop that gave the words "scaling up" a new meaning.
For me as a start-up coach, it was that workshop, in which I noticed, what I have missed so far. The right "recipe" or road map for the next steps foward to my freedom and success for me and my clients. For me the complete workshop was very important!

Marie-Hélène Galatopoulos, Switzerland

Was very interesting, and useful, it gives lots of ideas on how to built and optimize communication strategies focused on business, and what is more likely to succeed !
I really appreciate the fact that you gave me the opportunity to reintegrate the workshop as I had to leave earlier. Thank you !

Aaron Hale, Australia

Very Informative. For anyone wanting to expand their business online, the Freedom Coach is a great overview of what is required and the various stages of implementation. It is interactive and gives you immediate momentum, whatever stage you are at.

Divya Winterer, Switzerland

The content was practically demonstrated and it was a very clear roadmap. I know what the next steps are from here. I learned at what stage of business development use which strategy.

Anne Marie Schulte, Switzerland

I now feel confident that I could actually start a thriving coaching business.

Desiree van der laan, Netherlands

Amazed by the effect of online seminar
interactive & educative

Wolfgang Boll

Helped me to an overview of an structured approach to establish my business

Anja Blodow, Germany
"Fantastic workshop to help me grow my own business in a way that leaves me enough time to take care of my family and do the things I love. Like the title said (Freedom Coach) to create such a business and to grow in a sustainable way. Great structure, very professional!"
Claudia Gödel, Germany
"absolutely clear where I am and what I need to do now, before I did not have the perspective to talk about my business, now I can clearly communicate my message. Any coach will take insights from this workshop - highly recommend it!"
Martin Nowak, Germany
"great energy & lessons! learned about the Million $ Funnel & finally found my niche"
Desirée van der Laan, Zurich
"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow your Coaching Busines!"
Antonio Oliva, Italy
"learned a lot about the online approach, which is essential as a Coach"
Gabriela Gal, Zurich
"The energy of Nathalie is wonderful and inspiring. I'm a lot clearer about systems and strategies to grow my business. I plan to continue to work with her. Very positive!"
Elisabeth Tognazza, Zürich
"This is the 2nd time I go through this workshop and I learn so much. I got a structure where to start with my own business and how to get leads, which were unknonw subjects to me.There is lots of content, very useful and practical."
Anja Blodow, Munich DE
"Nathalie gives fantastic value with a great mix of lists, structure and hands-on advice. You get an overview and next step action at the same time. Very hands on, fantastic mix of customer-orientation and tools and ideas to systemize the business. Really impressed!"
Claudia Gödel, Hamburg DE
"A lot of very valuable content. Some parts could even be an extra workshop on their own! Really hands-on, a lot of AHA-moments, good structure of the workshop."
Sherif El-Henaoui, Caslano CH
"It is the first time I see the complete business cycle on a practical, hands-on work sheet. The workshop gave me the full picture from where I'm at to a scaled business."
José Mendes, Fribourg
"Clarity of speech, enough content to feel ready for action. Good rythm through the session and everyone participating actively."
Linda Stähli, Mollis CH
"This day gives a real overview how to become visible and get results. Nathalie is a great presence and absolutely supportive. I just can recommend it for everyone who wants to start."
Kasia Gerlée, Vienna AT
"It was eye opening! To clarify my niche, what I need to do to start my business and the amount of knowledge was AMAZING. Well prepared!"
Sunday Marbach, Zurich
"Amazing information. Never heard most of the infos. Very intensive. Nathalie did an amazing job teaching us about the coaching business. She showed us the work which is needed to make the business work. I have learned to work through the foundation and not just to start with the "walls" or the "roof"."
Antonio Oliva, Italy
"Energetic, structured involving: I bring home alot of knowledge compressed in 1 day only. Thank you!"
Miriam Lau, Munich DE
"Super useful know how. It's great to connect with other coaches who have the same questions, are in the same situation and to get all the answers in the course."
Laure Dangla, Zurich
"Clean preview, very structured. Super useful workshop, great energy in the room. Amazing content delivered in a prifessional and interactive way. Highly recommend workshop!"
Katrin Rossi, Zurich
"Very well structured course that shows steps necessary to strategically grow your and scale your business!"
Mario Wirz, Lausanne  CH 
"Great energy and speaker, concious learning, excellent organisation and planning, networking and idea sharing."
Hellen Tiethoff, Zurich
"The group exercises, the joy of the games and learnings from them are a reason I would advise to participate in workshops like the one Nathalie presented today."
Desirée van der Laan, Zurich
"a great day, I met people that are working on the same challenges and goals. Next to the great people I learned a lot about how to become the freedom coach I want to be :-) now I need to put actions in place!! 1 step at a time."
Yvonne Schlechtweg,  DE
"Great structure & presenting. Very valuable Workshop today"
Elisabeth Tognazza, Zurich
"Very professional presentation, content extremly valuable + useful, never boring."
Participants of our Workshop "Brand By Speaking":
Kyle Bullus, Toastmaster & Speaker Coach:
"Version 1 is better than version none! This insight I gained at the Brand by Speaking event is very useful for the speaking world, to get rid of procrastination and just do it! Highly recommend to attend one of Nathalie's events, free or paid - you'll get tremendous value out of it"
Hicham Adamou, Toastmasters officer, Luxembourg:
"Condensed learning, great lessons about branding - and a great way to learn effectively about public speaking in a short period of time! As a member of Toastmaster the lessons about Public Speaking were complimenting our Toastmasters techniques perfectly - highly recommend it!"
Daniel Gasser, motivational Speaker and former IT programer about Brand by Speaking
"I found out how to brand myself and how to create a bond with my audience, did not imagine all that possible in a 1 day training! Highly recommend the Brand by Speaking Event"
Michael Schwab, corporate trainer about Brand by Speaking
"highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills!
Gaspar da Silva, IT Specialist from Zurich / Brazil about our Brand by Speaking event
"Increased my confidence in Public Speaking and saw that I can do it! I'm applying the speaking formula I learnt at the Brand by Speaking to all my business meetings - and people love it!"
Linda Stähli, Mollis
" Nathalie is a great teacher. She draws you into her teaching and makes it very easy and simple for you to step out and apply her points."
Catherine Schoepfer, Zug
" Even though I've done already some trainings in the past, this workshop gave me additional tools that will be able to use in my future speeches. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to step into speaking or get better in speaking not only on stage but in any circumstance: work, family etc."   
Yvonne Schlechtweg, Freiburg
"It was a great experience being part of this seminar. The values I take from this time are really practical & implementable to build up an own programm & strucure for my business."
Alexander Thomsen, CH
"great training even I am not a coach gained lots of insights and
plenty of actionable takeaways."
Elise Dorsett, USA
"The BBS event was super valuable and lots of fun. I feel more excited about myself and the future of my business. I learned a lot and met a wonderful community of coaches."   
Clare Mooney, Ireland
"This 1-day workshop has given me lots of tools and input to take home and work on. This value of this has a huge impact on myself and my business. I look forward to the next workshop."
Kyle P. Bullus, UK
"Very much of having a dialogue with the audience, Nathalie brings energy, enthusiasm + emotion successfully into her quality training."

Karen Heimischer, CH
"This workshop packed a good content together with an effective style, method of teaching to allow us to absorb and immediately apply what we learnt specific to ourselves."   
Urs Westermann, CH
"The workshop today was fully packed with content. I loved being put on spot in the exercises."
Susanne Schelletter, Hamburg
"I recommend Nathalie's Brand By Speaking program. You learn so much, especially about yourself. Very good techniques with clarity are given. Also great people around! Thank you! "
Stephany Jones, Möhlin
 "Great day, packed with practical learning & experiences. Work with the time & investment. Easy to use tools & pragnatic approach to public speaking. saw things from a new perspective and had a further and deeper understanding of the material."    
Aaron John Hale, Zurich
"Nathalie shares a wealth of knowledge in a fun & professional environment. The event provides a safe environment to explore the joy & fears of public speaking."
Joanna Schneider, Zurich
"Wonderful training for anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills. Highly recommend it."  
Sunday Marbach, Zurich
" I was challenged to create something within a short time. The training was empowering and helped me to rethink about my personal development journey. I never knew speaking presents different avenues. "  
Miriam Lau, München
"Great framework for presentations, I feel less afraid to talk in public now. I came in with not knowing what to expect and being nervous. But I left with motivation to present right away and get myself out there. Thank you!"
Christian Erhard, Zurich
"The event provided a helpful structure, plenty of opportunity to practice, high energy throughout the day. "
Desirée van der Laan, Zurich
"A lot of new tools and methods to practice. 10/24/7. I can understand more on how to get the audience. "
Gaspar da Silva, Zurich
"This program gives instant value to the participants because it has practical tools which can be implemented in any business. The Brand By Speaking is like a cook book. But only much simpler to follow and achive tangible results."
Iris Vollenweider, Freienstein
"BrandBySpeaking is something for Beginners and Experts. Most of all for People who have an audience or customers in front of them. The impact you get by using these techniques can improve a lot!"
Corinne Steiner, Zurich
"Get out of my comfortzone and go with the first draft showed me how to go with the flow. Thank you for the push to speak and the support and the know-how to improve."
Andras Kapros, Zurich
"Nathalie is a knowledgable presenter. Her workshops are forcing you to practice and learn by doing which is the quickest way to improve your skillset and personal brand."
Michael Schwab, Oberengstringen
"Nathalie is such a great support to help people how learning to speak on stage. Authentic, clear and fun. She covers all to have a great day to brand yourself by speaking."
James Dand, Kent - UK
"Informative program that delivers simple but effective processes & techniques to enhance your branding & speaking ability. I trully recommend it."
Kenneth Kurtzweg, Weissensberg DE
"I could use and practice with all the material I learned. In addition, despite being at the seminar last year I saw things from a new perspective and had a further and deeper understanding of the material.
As a Guest Speaker I greatly valued the chance to have the stage to present something that has been deep inside me for a long time, namely my mission in life and to bring it out to a very receptive audience."
Daniela Babjakova, Zurich
"A very good experience, interactive, good energy, speaker is a real pro like the whole support of team! :-)" 
Regina Meier, Zurich
"Thank you for organizing this great event, learned a lot in a very positive environment. I can only recommend it!"
Diana Blanco, Oniedo - ES
"It was a simple structure of the content, easy to follow, I got help to create my speech, highly appreciatiated the content value!"
Andreas Müller, Rieladingen DE
"It was a great experience and learning/repetition on how to present in an interesting way so people get a lot more impact out of your presentation."
Anette Schreiber, Frankfurt -DE
"Well structured program which gives a great and useful opportunity which can be elaborated later on individually. Content applicable to no matter which industry and position. Fun and valuable exchange to put into practice and leverage my business."
Sylvia Schmid, Benzenschwil
"Nathalie is very professional and gave a top performance."
Cornelia Handschin, Niederhelfenschwil
"I had an awesome training with Nathalie who prepared me for my speech on stage."
Elmar Walthert, Kleinwangen
"I got lots of suggestions to increase the attention of my audience, useful practical tools, interesting guestspeakers."
Remy van Loon, Saint Louis, France
"It was a great experience, powerful day, great content."
Raphael Ueberwasser, Zurich
"Being on stage was definitly worth the money!"
Mat Lanfear, Zurich
"It was a great experiential workshop, I was getting more clarity on my message."
Hicham Adamou, Zurich
"Appliable, easy 1 day learnings, covering various aspects of speaking and branding."
Tobias Mettmann, Leadership Coach 
"Biggest take-away were the different emotions and how to handle them, and techniques what's behind the scene and get the knowledge how to be on Stage.
If you have the chance I recommend doing this workshop to learn how to speak in front of an audience, you'll be more secure on stage."
Linda Stähli, Relationship Coach
"I came to be more confident when I speak front of people. I definitly feel more comfortable and natural on stage now. One of my big learnings is to be myself in front of people. Biggest take-away was how to show emotions in front of people to connect with them on a deeper level.  I'm really impressed how much I learned!
I recommend Nathalie's workshop to everyone who needs to be speaking in front of people."

written testimonial: 
If you want to do workshops or speak on stage Nathalie's workshop prepares you in a way you know that you can do it. 
Confidentially and powerfully
Christelle Pillot, Family and Leadership Coach 
"I learned how to handle difficulties in a room, how to have more impact and how to facilitate better. We got clear steps how to do that and how to convey emotions, how to put more power into your presentation.
Biggest take-away was to learn skills to go more in-depth with my audience and to help them move and inspire them to be bigger and better."
Sherif El-Henaoui, Coach for Leaders
"I learned how to deal with difficult situations in a room and how to convey emotions. Changing states that people sometimes get stuck, how to manage the energy in the room.
In classical workshops people come in more in a consumer mode, I like to see people engaged and being part of it, I learned how to do that. Biggest take-away is that it's important to have a stable emotional state, be firm with your approach.
It was really enriching, I appreciate it!
It were two great days. Good leader, cool participants. Safe environment. Definitely a workshop to get out of your comfort zone and get into the world of speaking
- Desirée van der Laan, Netherlands
The training helped me to get out of my comfort zones. Many topics regarding mastering the stage were covered. Nathalie knows her craft very well
- Sunday Marbach, Uganda
In this workshop you really get the tools and the practice to stay in front of a group and create the set-up of a workshop.
- Martin Nowak, Germany
Anja Blodow, Real Estate Coach 
"extremely professional and organized, while also very hands-on and personal, got very valuable feedback about structure and every word of my speech - refined and reshaped it - I'm very happy with the result!"
Claudia Gödel, Medium and Leadership Coach
"Before I decided to go for the training, I though I'm quite good... but when I started the training, it was mindblowing to get the lead from a professional trainer to hear all the details and the why behind the structure. Also the practice was very effectful and made a big difference - I can use this the rest of my life!"
Christian Speaker, online Marketing Coach
about his experience with the Speaker Coaching - ups and downs and why he decided to become a speaker
Catherine Schoepfer, online Cancer Coach
"highly recommend the Speaker Coaching, got great value, feedback  and created an amazing speech"


Dr. Manuel Aschwanden, CEO & Founder of Optotune Switzerland 
about the Leadership Excellence Formula
Optotune was Winner of the Swiss Economic Award 2014

Improving communication and learning valuable, practical tools to excell as a Leader: 

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot! I highly recommend anybody who wants to move his/her company forward to work with Nathalie.

Dr. Frank Bose, Switzerland
former CEO of Essemtec AG
I have hired Nathalie Sabrina Dahl on two separate occasions to work for us as a coach. In the first instance, she was tasked to develop a common culture and code of conduct for a medium sized technology enterprise. We worked with Nathalie over a course of 8 one hour sessions, each one meticulously prepared using audio visual inputs, flip charts and experiential exercises. Over the entire period, she liaised well with management and ensured that her approach was well aligned with the company strategy.
Nathalie motivated a group of up to 75 individuals - most of them technology minded - extremely well for these soft skills subjects. She glows with positive energy and manages to engage almost every individual with short interactive exercises. Her approach is hands-on, not loaded with theory and she strives to pick meaningful examples from everybody’s day to day work.
I highly recommend Nathalie Sabrina Dahl for corporate trainings. She will unleash the human potential dormant in your organization with her customized training sessions. Her style is entertaining, engaging and memorable: it made a lasting impression on both our employees and partners. It was a pleasure working with Nathalie and I would not hesitate to engage her again.
What participants of the 2 day Training at Rotary International Zurich said:
(due to company policy the names have to remain anonymous)
“We had an energetic 2 day workshop which was a great opportunity for our staff to learn skills and tips to help us make our presentations more impactful.” 

“A fun, interesting and challenging training that will bring you out of your comfort zone, and tools and techniques to learn how to master it.”
“The training was extremely informative and well done. It is definitely a course that I would recommend to other people who have to give a lot of presentations. It encourages one to think in depth about something other than the material one is presenting.”

“Thank you for providing us with a solid background, not just sharing some tricks! We will now start transforming our good presentations into fantastic ones!”

“This was a practical and experiential workshop that helped me actually try out each component and practice it in a safe environment. It built my confidence level for presenting in front of our constituents. Thank you!”
Roderick Lambert, UK
"I signed up because the help with outreach is really valuable, doing it manually is very timeconsuming. 2ndly I struggled with creating rapport thru the inbox without selling.
It works; it's been generating a lot of useful, valuable leads. Nathalie's bi-weekly check-in sessions was not so much about the campaigns which were working brilliantly, but also supporting my skill in selling via the chat. And even after I have not generated any promising calls at the beginning she extended for free until I got results.
Now after that period I feel vibrant and last month has been incredible. Kudos and many thanks to you, it was not only about providing a service, you care about me getting value, 1 sale and 2 more ligned up so far.
Thank you Nathalie, for going the extra mile!"
Roderick Lambert - The lose 9 cm around your waste in 3 months - coach
Dhiren Desa, CEO of Parmenides / Eidos SW
(Target: Large Corporations)
"Thanks to Nathalie and her team we've landed a multi-billion $ company after working with the sourcing team for 1 month plus got 350 highly valuable leads to work with. This is a 1000 x ROI after only 1 month - I highly recommend working with her!"
Bernhard Heinzler, CEO of CAPSO Gmbh (Target: Service based Businesses)
 "Helpful thing to have the team run thru my contacts on Linkedin. The feedback I got was really positive. I now have the luxury problem to have too many requests to answer... and I already brought in other customers and prospects for this service."
Justin Leigh, UK
(Target: Salesmanagers)
"Great Structure and processes, am only 1/3 into the program and I love the support and how it challenges me to move into unknown territory"
Ute Meiborg, Germany
"I knew I needed to do something to grow my Target Audience. I picked Nathalie because of her professionalism and attitude which made her stand out.
I was really surprised, doubled my connections of qualified leads on Linkedin, just the ones I was looking for, many interesting contacts & leads. Take what you can get from Nathalie and learn from her!"
Marcel Bischoff, Switzerland
(Target: Executives, retreats)
"After 6 days of the Active Sourcing Service I got 160 new leads, out of which 9 people wanting more: 6 calls/appointments and 3 asked for information. I'm very happy with the result and highly recommend it"
Alessandra Marazzi (Thailand) - CH
(Target: CEOs, corporate Workshops)
"The VA Team was extremely helpful in sourcing great contacts, I have tons of appointments to schedule and it saved me a lot of time!"
Raul Ladrero, Germany
"The truth is the system works. 13 % sales conversion and my biggest lesson is the importance of following a proven system.
Just follow the process of Nathalie. You get huge added value, very recomendable."
Session was amazing, Mastermind, Ugly videos, can totally vouch for working with Nathalie * all useful strategies, moving me a big step forward, loved the mastermind * loved the reinforcement * simplicity of the ideas, mobilizing other people, indirect selling * amazing session, very pragmatic and simple * make it less perfect * given me knowledge and skills to help me grow my business beyond
Joined to get strategies that are easy to use, immediatly to try them out during the challenge. Moving from theory to action in a short time and see the results right away. Just reaching out to people, boardroom strategy: tried it - and it worked! setting up a whole Linkedin Group around it.
It just helps to get out of your Comfort Zone, very interactive, Nathalie is great at getting people involved, Just getting it done, it's action based! Really pleasant, fun and energizing!
Feedback on my title * Brainstorming Session Strategy * very useful, better learn from someone who did it already instead of doing it on your own * lightbulbs went on * Put down value and milestones in a post format - changes the whole thing - big learning * Ugly videos was my favorite
really liked the very first strategy, very simple but useful * realized I have to break down my fundamentals and be more specific * just getting 5 - 6 people together so they can feel you and hear you * find the right pain points * Creativity works better together * head stand videos - brilliant * I can see myself using all 3 strategies
The simplicity of it - getting out there more regularly * doing it in a group and not making it perfect really helps * choose one small offer - am always caught in complexitiy * thank you so much, it was amazing - biggest learning: not to overthink, just go out and do it * talking with others in the group * 2 am here in India, I'm still awake - was phenomenal * beautiful session - am fortunate to have come across such a great opportunity * now I know what to do with my contacts, you have connected the dots * amazing and fun, time passes so fast
Aldona Blondin, Germany
"all strategies are very pragmatic and ready to use"
Christine Rall, Germany
"loved the brainstorming in groups and pragmatic strategies"
Marc Rieben, Switzerland
"learned how to quickly make social media content that works."

What Participants of our
Désirée van der Laan, Leadership Coach
Got a new start, detoxed my mind and it was above my expectations. Biggest Aha was that you have to practice to be really good on video and I got the structure for it. As you're starting to relax, your videos get a lot better.
My favorite thing was the boat trip! 
Tobias Bausch - Purpose Coach
I did not know what to expect when I came here. For me the great part was that you led us step by step and it was really easy to follow. Before when I made a video it was a huge thing for me, script it, took us hours if not days. And you let us on an intuitive path where it's just fun! Don't take yourself so serious, make it an enjoyable experience. It was a privilege to learn from you.

Tobias Mettmann, Coach for aspiring Leaders
Here at the bootcamp for the 2nd time! I learned how to shoot videos, along with personal development and it was to go deper into my topic and produce a row of videos. I learned how to scale up the added value for my clients! My favorite thing was the combination, working from your heart and get the clarity and a roadmap for my business. The dynamics of the team is amazing!
Elisabeth Tognazza, Consultant for Project and Team Leaders
I have never done a video, especially not in a business context. Learned that and more! The view, the island, the atmosphere of the island, the amazing group, facts & figures with something real as well as a nice journey into more insights as a human being, listening to yourself and what is around you.

My favorite thing was the boat trip! Normally I get sea sick, this time I enjoyed all of it, especially the speed of the boat :) Come to the Bootcamp on Sardegna - it's life changing!
Guy Anastaze - B2B Sales Mentor
I was curious and ready to discover, had no expectations when I came here. My biggest take-aways were: 1. Clarity and open space in my head go deep into myself during those 4 days, slow down and find my priorities. 2. Energize, because of the team, nature and you, feeling more like myself again. 3. Becoming more quite and calm. I come back much more serene, with energy and focus - making the most of my life!
Bill Zeep - Leadership effectiveness coach
Met Nathalie just 2 months ago and she really impressed me how she helps leaders to get their message out into the world. It 's been extremely intensive and productive so far. We're focusing here to come more from the heart on video, she brings together a great team in this group learning and a frame work of exercises to helps us be even more present, reflective and bring our message out more authentically. Practice and feedback of the video part wass essential. I did not expect the beauty of Sardinia - it's just spectacular! Biggest take away were the exercises that step by step helped me to be a better coach.
Tobias Mettmann about 
Being in front of a camera and talking about myself was a completely new thing for me. During the bootcamp my skill & confidence for shooting videos went from a 1 to a 7 (scale of 1 - 10)!
I got tools & techniques for creating videos and more importantly grew personally in the bootcamp. I learned how to behave in front of the camera, be myself, be authentic and to trust myself.
I really recommend the Video Bootcamp and working with Nathalie!
Sunday Marbach about 
I am much more confident in front of a camera now and it has been amazing the different videos and steps and topics we have been able to do.
I loved the mornings, taking time to be awake and connecting with the beautiful nature, to be present and to connect it with the work we did. Not just the technical part, but also the mental part of the whole program. And taking our time, it was not a hush-hush process.
I learned not to jump ahead of myself, go simple, taking videos can be fun and don't think it's a huge thing! I'm surely going to take more videos when I get home.
I definitly recommend the Video Bootcamp!

Written testimonial: 
The video bootcamp is very important for every coach. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about the techniques (video shooting) for your business. Nathalie Dahl is excellent in her craft. The process/agenda of the bootcamp were very well organized.

Christelle Pillot about 
I learned how to shoot impactful videos with a lot of content in a short time frame. I shot about 13 videos while I was here - and had a lot of fun doing it!
My favorite thing was developing the depth of authenticity and presence when doing videos and learning how to be as clear and authentic as possible in front of the camera.
I recommend Video Rockstar Bootcamp - even if you know how to do videos - it's not only about videos - and if you want to go deeper with your business, this will help you a lot. Just do it!

written testimonial
This weekend is more than how to shoot videos. It is as well about finding your true self in order to give depth / consistance / more value in your business and how to communicate all that

Martin Nowak about 
I allways felt a bit crunched in my stomach when I had to do videos. I now got over my anxiety around it and found out that it's nothing to be afraid of!
I feel more comfortable in front of the camer, I felt like a 3 (out of 10) - now I'm about an 8, just do it and it does not feel bad. After you look at the videos and you feel good!
Biggest take away is to create space to let your knowledge flow, all the information will come to you in your videos.
If you're uncomfortable doing videos, just come to Nathalie and the Video Bootcamp - and get over it!
"Punishment" in Paradise 
- after Day 2 of the Retreat
Bring your Teenagers! 
Tarik Kurtzweg (age 16) about his Mission
Recommendation by Stephany Chantal Jones, Authentic Leadership Coach 

Recommendation by Ken Kurtzweg, Innovation Coach
Alexandra Philippona, Switzerland
"Before the training I thought by myself: I have to do this (shoot videos), I have to do this
- but I feel like an idiot!
And the program guided me from being "an idiot" to becoming a Video Rockstar :-) And with the technical information and the system you gave me I feel a lot more confident.

Anja Blodow, Germany
"I've been doing videos for a couple of years now and I was positively surprised about the structure, tech tools and exercises to raise your energy, thank you, learned a lot, I can highly recommend it - you get started right away!"

Adam Nathan - Gemversity, UK
“I had made a few online videos for my Gemversity business and I wasn't happy with them. The evening before I decided I had to work on a strategy and that morning I just looked at my email, which is highly unusual for me to do in the morning and your offer for the Video Rockstar popped up!
I've been through the course today and it's been massively valuable! Many things I'd heard and am not doing! Also put in a concise structure so anyone can implement immediately!
It was great. Thank you.
I'll be recording a video for Facebook tomorrow and it's been of great help and I'm writing courses so the structure is perfect for that too. Thank you so much!”
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