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Rocket Fuel for Your Coaching Business 

  • Appointment Funnel: Free training on how to get leads on Social Media
  • ​The Soft Sell Training: How to sell easily without being pushy, creepy or obnoxious
  • 40 powerful Questions to turn every sales conversation in your favour
  • ​Irresistible Marketing Training
  • ​and much more...

7 Best Practice Tools for 


How To Generate Leads At The Click Of A Mouse Button In As Little As 15 Minutes... Without Spending A Single $ On Marketing!

Based on our own Online Lead Generation:
These tools are still responsible for 85 % of our business leads


The Content Marketing GRID

How to create ideas for relevant content within a few minutes - All you have to do is fill out the boxes and voilà! 

Come up with great, relatable, engaging content that converts and builds trust 💜

Irresistible Marketing - FREE TRAINING

Irresistable Marketing is all about....
THEM - your prospects, your leads, people interested in what you have.
In this 3 part training you'll find out:

  • Hot Buttons: What makes your market tick, react and buy
  • Format: What's the best format to put your message in
  • Biological Triggers: What are the 8 biological triggers that are ingrained into your prospects DNA - once you use them, your peers will have no choice but to act on your offer
  • Clarity: One of the biggest challenges for coaches is to message and package their value clearly and powerfully, in a short, concise way - because confused minds don't buy -> use this tool to force clarity in your message
  • Template: Now put the 4 pieces together to make your marketing irresistable!​


How to sell your coaching & consulting programs without being pushy, creepy or salesy

  • Part 1: The Go-to-Person: Want to Show Your Audience You’re the Person to Help Them? Do This
  • Part 2: The 5 Personas: The Marketing Strategy That Will Save You Time and Sell Your Programs
  • Part 3: Inception: How to Be Outrageously Successful at Selling Your Coaching Programs
  • Part 4: The Impact Question: The most important Question to ask - to prepare for closing the deal
  • Part 5: Close the Deal: If You Don’t Do This…You’re NOT Going to Close That Sale

The stop-trading-time-for-money

How to create a more leveraged Business Model
without being pressed for time
adding high value to your clients 
- and more space to your lifestyle

Linkedin Profile Optimizer

A 2016 Oktopost infographic looked at the percentage of B2B business leads created through the social Networks.

Here are the shares for Lead Creation that each platform is responsible for:

• LinkedIn – 80,33 %
• Twitter – 12,73 %
• Facebook – 6,73 %
• Google+ - 0,21 %.

This clearly shows that working with LinkedIn pays!

Download the Profile Optimizer which shows you in 5 easy steps how to optimizie your Linkedin Profile for Googability (your Linkedin Profile to be found on google) and a better 7 second impression.


Find Your Coaching Topic

What's your speciality as a Coach?

Interviewing more than 400 coaches we found that a lot of coaches simply don't know. And it shows up in lack of clarity when they are conveying their message and Value Proposition, which results in very low conversion rates (amount of people buying from you).

That's why we've created an online training on finding your perfect topic as a coach, including some mind maps, value exercises, strength questions and much more.

And even if you think you already know what your speciality is, the insights from this training will help get even clearer.


58 Creative Strategies where to find your Ideal Coaching Clients

Looking for Coaching Clients?  

Have you noticed that "the old ways" - like facebook and other social media marketing - don't work so well anymore when it comes to finding Coaching Clients?

To give you that competitive advantage I've put together a list of 58 Creative Strategies where clients - coming from 5 different brainstorm sessions with some amazing coaches. So it's all based on our experience of what works best.

Here are a couple of nuggets:

  • Strategy No 5:  A very little known community that has a lot of needs  - in all 3 areas (wealth, health & happyness)
  • Strategy No 14:  Use these groups with over 30 million users to find your next clients!
  • Strategy No 53:  This department inside companies knows who needs help and is eager to give it to them!
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