How to Stop Your Wife Divorcing You in January (or at any time!)

by Merlin Matthews

I hope that you are looking forward to, or enjoying, a lovely festive break (depending when you’re reading this). I also hope that you and your beloved are growing deeper in love with each passing week. 

However, the statistics are clear that there is a Big spike in divorces straight after the festive season, with January being called ‘divorce month’ in the legal profession.   ... Read on

Procrastination: 5 steps to get
you into action

by Marion Dumazy

Do you have a project but not sure how to

A goal you have set for yourself that
you never reach? 

Are you putting off something thinking “I can do it later”, “it´s not that urgent”, “maybe I don’t really need to do it”?

We have all put something off, not starting  
...  Read on

Creating a Performance Culture: Lessons from a UN Peacekeeper

by Andy Longley

In my professional life I am a performance psychologist & active researcher of neuroscience who founded and leads a leadership & training company called Psych-io.
I started off my career as a psychologist in the New Zealand Navy & was lucky enough to be selected to represent New Zealand as an unarmed United Nations Peacekeeper in 2010-2011. 

Our role was to ...  Read on

What every business ought to know about MARKETING

by Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

John Wanamaker (American merchant and considered a "pioneer in marketing") said over 100 years ago: 

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." 

Marketing is a strange animal. Just like an untamed horse, it can treat you very nice, get you great results and business opportunities – or on the other hand throw you off track completely, getting absolutely no results or even worse: 

Bad...      ... Read on

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