LinkedIn Growth Engine™ with 4 Outreach Campaigns 
Generate High Quality Leads & Conversations With Your Target Audience
---- Performance: 15 Sales Appointments guaranteed ----

Identify Your Nugget

Identify the gold nugget in your existing offers and expertise and how to package it so it sells easily. Find the best Target Audience for your gold nugget.

Done For You Consulting

Your Compelling Offer

Create the marketing copy and messages for you to turn your package into a compelling offer.

Done For You Marketing

Systemize Your Outreach

Create 4 outreach campaigns and setup the systems to leverage your Compelling Offer and show it to up to 4'500 people in your Target Audience per month.

Done for You System

The 5 most common Growth Challenges in the Coaching & Consulting Industry

based on a recent survey we conducted on Linkedin with > 1000 coaches & consultants

  • No constant flow of fresh leads into your sales process
  • Not enough workshop participants
  • Not enough sales conversations 
  • Low Sales Conversion rates of less than 20 % 
  • No time to follow up with existing leads

The LinkedIn Growth Engine™ is for...

  • ​Established Coaching, Consulting or Training Companies with a Proven Offer who need more Sales Conversations to grow
  • ​Established Service-based Businesses with a Proven Offer who need more Sales Conversations to grow

Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

Coming from over 20 years of business background and over 15 years studying Personal Development, she has helped over 859 coaches & consultants to start, grow and scale their business.

As seen on...

As Part Of Our Work Together...

You Agree To:

  • Be Open and Coachable. 
  • Be 100 % Committed to your Business. 
  • ​Show up to the strategy & debrief sessions. 
  • ​Respond to positive responses from interested buyers within 48 business hours.
  • ​Show up to the booked Sales Appointments with interested buyers.
  • ​Set aside 3-4 hours per week for sales conversations.

We Agree To:

  • Find the Nugget in your existing Offers and Expertise and show you how to package it into a Compelling Offer
  • ​Find the best Target Audience for you.
  • Create the Compelling Offer marketing copy for you
  • Setup up to 4 outreach campaigns for you
  • ​Install the Linkedin Active Sourcing System for you
  • ​Send up to 4500 messages / month thru our system for you
  • Give you access to your Campaign's statistics
  • ​Guarantee the Performance: 15 Sales Appointments booked in your calendar

Here's an Outline of the Process:

Step 1: IP extract

Answer in-depth questions about your topic, market & offers

Step 2: Unpack

Unpack your IP in a 1:1 Deep Dive session with our expert (60 min)
and get consulting on the hook, angle and best market approach

 STEP 3: Copy DFY

We create your Marketing Copy and Messages and send it to you for approval

Step 4: Systemize

We setup 3 - 4 outreach campaigns with our own software, done for you

Step 5: Monetize

You or your sales team answers questions of interested buyers and gets on sales conversations with them

 STEP 6: Finetune

Debrief & Finetune the results of the outreach campaigns bi-weekly in 1:1 strategic debrief meetings with our experts

2 Ways To Get Started Today!

----- USD 7'000 -----


  • Find the Nugget in your existing Offers and Expertise and package it into a Compelling Offer for you
  • ​Find the best Target Audience for you.
  • ​Create the Marketing Copy for you.
  • ​Setup 3 - 4 Active Sourcing Campaigns on LinkedIn for you.
  • ​24/7 access to your Campaign Statistics
  • 15 Sales Appointments Guaranteeed

----- USD 2'700 (x3) -----


  • Find the Nugget in your existing Offers and Expertise and package it into a Compelling Offer for you
  • ​Find the best Target Audience for you.
  • ​Create the Marketing Copy for you.
  • ​Setup 3 - 4 Active Sourcing Campaigns on LinkedIn for you.
  • ​24/7 access to your Campaign Statistics
  • 15 Sales Appointments Guaranteeed

15 Sales Appointments Guaranteed

We guarantee you'll get at least 15 Sales Appointments booked in your calendar or we'll work with you for free until you do. As long as you're open, friendly, coachable and implementing 100 % of the suggested actions, we guarantee that you will get results from our process.

Some of our clients...

What People Are Saying About Our Work Together...

“4 prospects worth min of 50 k each in the
trial phase after our cold email pilot, quick results and very professional”

- Global Salesmanager ,
large coaching organization Switzerland/US
(Target: corporations 10000+ headcount)
25 attendees in our workshop in the pilot phase, well worth the investment and 1000 x better than our previous marketing agency”
- CEO of a boutique
consulting company, Switzerland
(Target: b2b, procurement)
“59 warm leads after 1 month of cold email campaigns, great copy, hook and angle: highly recommendable."

- Corporate Communication Expert, France
(Target: B2B - Female Leaders)
"I signed up because the help with outreach is really valuable, doing it manually is very timeconsuming. 2ndly I struggled with creating rapport thru the inbox without selling.
It works; it's been generating a lot of useful, valuable leads. Nathalie's bi-weekly check-in sessions was not so much about the campaigns which were working brilliantly, but also supporting my skill in selling via the chat. And even after I have not generated any promising calls at the beginning she extended for free until I got results.
Now after that period I feel vibrant and last month has been incredible. Kudos and many thanks to you, it was not only about providing a service, you care about me getting value, 1 sale and 2 more ligned up so far.
Thank you Nathalie, for going the extra mile!"
Roderick Lambert - The Belly Buster Coach (or: how to lose 9 cm around your waste in 3 months) 
"Thanks to Nathalie and her team we've landed a multi-billion $ company after working with the sourcing team for 1 month plus got 350 highly valuable leads to work with. This is a 1000 x ROI after only 1 month - I highly recommend working with her!"

- Dhiren Desa, CEO of Parmenides / Eidos SW
(Target: Large Corporations)
"Great Structure and processes, am only 1/3 into the program and I love the support and how it challenges me to move into unknown territory"

- Justin Leigh, UK
(Target: Salesmanagers)
"The truth is the system works. 13 % sales conversion and my biggest lesson is the importance of following a proven system.

Just follow the process of Nathalie. You get huge added value, very recomendable."

- Raul Ladrero, Real Estate Consultant, Germany 

"Went from Greenhorn in Sales to selling over 10'000 Swiss Francs to 2 clients after my 3rd pitch - it was shocking, really. I said to myself: "F... this PMP works! Just do what Nathalie tells you to do."

- Cla Mosca, Corporate & Executive Coach, Switzerland

"After 6 days of the Active Sourcing Service I got 160 new leads, out of which 9 people wanting more: 6 calls/appointments and 3 asked for information. I'm very happy with the result and highly recommend it"

-  Marcel Bischoff, Switzerland
(Target: Executives, retreats)

"I was hesitant at first because I was already in another program for my Coaching Business. I decided to sign up because the promise was clarity, focus and clients. After 45 days I have an ROI of 7 - 14 x my initial investment - defintly got what I came for!"

- Joe Anderson Rau, Cosultant for Digital Marketing Agencies, Germany

"Helpful thing to have the team run thru my contacts on Linkedin. The feedback I got was really positive. I now have the luxury problem to have too many requests to answer... and I already brought in other customers and prospects for this service."

- Bernhard Heinzler, CEO of CAPSO Gmbh (Target: Service based Businesses)

"The VA Team was extremely helpful in sourcing great contacts, I have tons of appointments to schedule and it saved me a lot of time!"

Alessandra Marazzi (Thailand) - CH
(Target: CEOs, corporate Workshops)

"I knew I needed to do something to grow my Target Audience. I picked Nathalie because of her professionalism and attitude which made her stand out.
I was really surprised, doubled my connections of qualified leads on Linkedin, just the ones I was looking for, many interesting contacts & leads. Take what you can get from Nathalie and learn from her!"

- Ute Meiborg, Germany
(Target: B2B, HR)

"13 clients after 6 sessions"
- Mariana Solorzano, MD & Migration Consultant, Mexico/Germany
"pipeline filled, 1 corporate client worth 50 k$!"
- Vishal Chaudhari, B2B Business Consultant, India
"almost doubling my income within 3,5 months""
Ken Kurtzweg, B2B Innovation Consultant, USA/Germany

Need more Info? 

Book a 15 min qualification call here where we'll learn more about your business 
and see if you're a good fit for the PMP 1:1 process:


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