PMP Process - a Profitable, Marketable Product  - created & Done for you

Get Clear & Concise

Identify what kind of product to offer, who to sell it to, how to sell it and what the optimal price point is. 

Leverage Your Expertise

Quickly take your expertise and idea and turn it into an online or physical Coaching or Consulting Product which is easy to scale.

Serve More People

Adjust your Business Model so that you serve more people. ​Sell, market and position your product with the right niche. 

Get an ROI - Guaranteed

​Reach new or existing buyers and convert them into high value customers.

The 5 most common problems in Coaching & Consulting Programs & Services

based on a recent survey we conducted on Linkedin with > 1000 coaches & consultants

  • Can't Convert: I have to talk to a lot of prospects to make a sale
  • No Leverage: It's hard to find clients, and if I do, I'm not getting paid what I'm worth. Business model not scalable.
  • No Clarity: People just don't get me and the value that I offer!
  • Not Concise: Too broad and not sharp enough, being the "Jack of all Trades" in Coaching & Consulting
  • People are Ghosting You - they inquire and then disappear, not seeing the high value you are offering

Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

Coming from over 20 years of business background and over 15 years studying Personal Development, she has helped more than 861 coaches & consultants to start, grow and scale their business.

As seen in...

As Part Of Our Work Together...

You Agree To:

  • Show up to the strategy sessions. 
  • Do the required assignments and follow our proven process exactly.
  • ​Be Open and Coachable.
  • ​Be 100 % Committed to your Business.
  • ​Set aside 3-4 hours per week to get the work done. 

We Agree To:

  • Create and position your coaching or consulting product.
  • Find the best target audience for your product.
  • Show you how to test your product with the market.  
  • ​Show you how to sell and market your product online and offline without any ads, funnels or salesletters.
  • Give you the latest strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools in an easy to follow ‘how-to’ guided format
  • ​Hold you accountable to help achieve your best results and accountable to your numbers.
  • ​Create the compelling offer messages for the Active Sourcing outreach on social media – done for you.
  • ​Give you 2 months of our prospecting software on LinkedIn and setup 2 – 4 campaigns – done for you. 

Here's an Outline of the Process:

Step 1: IP extract

Answer in-depth questions about your topic, market & personal

Step 2: Unpack

Unpack your IP in a 1:1 Deep Dive session with our expert (90 min)

 STEP 3: Done for you

We create your Profitable Marketable Product and show you how to sell, market and position it with the right niche

Step 4: Monetize

Validate your PMP with the Market by getting 2 – 5 high-end clients within 30 – 90 days

Step 5: Systemize

Systemize your outreach with our prospecting Software (LinkedIn):
2 months done for you service, including campaign setup and copy creation
Aim: min 5 - 10 sales app / month

 STEP 6: Finetune

Debrief & Finetune your pitch and outreach in 1:1 strategic debrief meetings with our experts

2 Ways To Get Started Today!

----- USD 15'000 -----


  • 1:1 Strategy & Debrief Sessions
  • Product Outline: Done for you
  • ​Find your Niche: Done for you
  • ​Message Copy: Done for you
  • ​Outreach Campaign: Done for you
  • ​Latest strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools 
  • Access ​to our high-performance community

---- USD 6'000 (x3)----


  • 1:1 Strategy & Debrief Sessions
  • Product Outline: Done for you
  • ​Find your Niche: Done for you
  • ​Message Copy: Done for you
  • ​Outreach Campaign: Done for you
  • ​Latest strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools 
  • Access ​to our high-performance community


We guarantee you'll make at least your initial investment with us back or we'll work with you until you do. As long as you're open, friendly, coachable and implementing 100 % of the suggested actions, we guarantee that you will get results from our process.

What People Are Saying About Our Work Together:

15 k with the first pitch following our product creation and setting up the LinkedIn system.
Personal Empowerement Mentor, Netherlands
"As a leadership coach I focus on critical team transformations, my target group are medium size companies within Europe. Before starting the IPL process I expected to get a system in place to get leads, but found out I had to go back and do my homework first, or in other words: Define what really is my core offering.
The IPL process helped me to narrow my focus, or as my friend says: I had to make a to be chosen. I love to bring things immediately into practice, so I decided to use my new product pitch in my next sales conversation - and it resulted in a direct sale! Within 4 weeks, I got back an ROI of 25 x my original investment with IPL.
My advise: Be coachable and trust the IPL process! My favorite thing was being made aware of the choices you have to make and it's sometimes only little adjustments you need to do to get to the next level. I knew I had 4 weeks of low season and I fully dedicated it to the program, do this investment in yourself so you can easily accelerate.
It feels peaceful after having gone thru the process because I know I did my homework well and I can now focus on the market: There will be more yesses than ever before (so far 100 % conversion rate).
My tip: Work on yourself and try this process out immediatly! "
- Alex Lanz, Netherlands
B2B Team & Leadership Consultant
"Before starting the IPL process the challenge was that I have a good knowledge about a lot of stuff, I tried to offer almost everything to everybody, so it was hard for me to create a clear product.

Biggest result or aha was that I had a clear product and my clients understand the product - and it works! The first person I offered this product - he bought. And then a second one, and a third sale! Only started 4 weeks ago.

My favorite thing? Everything was my favorit thing! You and my coach Christelle were great sparring partners, helped me a lot to go and overcome my own resistance inside.

Mix between coaching and and the academy/lms, to accept the way you taught and follow the process. I gained clarity for myself during the process, what I actually am selling. My tip: Just do it!"
- Andre Hefti, Leadership Coach, Switzerland
"The truth is the system works. 13 % sales conversion and my biggest lesson is the importance of following a proven system.

Just follow the process of Nathalie. You get huge added value, very recomendable."

- Andras Kapros, Hungary
"3 yrs ago joined one of Nathalie's workshops and signed up for the group coaching. She got us out of our comfort zone, helped me overcome self limiting believs and how to represent myself better.

- Raul Ladrero, Real Estate Consultant, Germany 

"Went from Greenhorn in Sales to selling over 10'000 Swiss Francs to 2 clients after my 3rd pitch - it was shocking, really. I said to myself: "F... this PMP works! Just do what Nathalie tells you to do."

- Cla Mosca, Corporate & Executive Coach, Switzerland

"I was struggling to find the right angle for my business, knew I wanted to do something for leadership but I was not clear and not able to sharpen this message.

During the process a bunch of fluffy ideas suddenly became a systematic approach which is attractive for left and right brain people. It made a huge difference because I was very clear to develop my whole funnel up to the highend product.

The first 5 calls I did with potential customers were really successful: 4 out of the 5 are happy to start with me! It was a completely different sales experience, it is suddenly really easy to sell it."

-  Ulrike Seminati, Female Empowerment Coach, France

"I was hesitant at first because I was already in another program for my Coaching Business. I decided to sign up because the promise was clarity, focus and clients. After 45 days I have an ROI of 7 - 14 x my initial investment - defintly got what I came for!"

- Joe Anderson Rau, Cosultant for Digital Marketing Agencies, Germany

"I had a prospect who declined my offer and I told him about this new product Nathalie developed and he said: Wow, that's what I need! So I got to a very nice offering for a team and sold my new product directly a few hours after I got it.
Then tested it with my business partner, she loved the concept, the simplicity of the approach, you can memorize the things easily. It makes a lot of sense the way the components are articulated."

- Guy Anastaze, B2B Sales Mentor, Consultant & Coach, France

"When I first started I had separate projects going and was not sure how to integrate them all and how to build a sustainable business.
When you posititioned me with the pmp (profitable marketable product) you helped me create a package deal - a lot more focused, knowing what to say and which direction to go.
As a transformational life coach I was not tangible, but you "forced" me to get tangible and make it relevant to my audience. So they finally understood what I offered, got tracktion, more people saw my posts, filled up my group program right after having a baby - and 2 high-end clients in the past month.
Definitly your encouragement to not give up and keep on going has been huge for me."

- Elise Dorsett, US
Transformational Life Coach

"Working with Process Managers I find they are very often stressed and under a lot of pressure. With the PMP (profitable marketable product) we created the Souveraign Leader Approach with a unique twist to what I do with them in the program.
Within the PMP process Nathalie helped me to do a very soft sales pitch, I had a couple of conversations and already have a highend client - even though I'm brandnew in business.
I recommend any Coach to have your PMP done for you - I got real value for the money."

- Elisabeth Tognazza
Leadership Coach for Product Managers

"I knew I needed to do something to grow my Target Audience. I picked Nathalie because of her professionalism and attitude which made her stand out.
I was really surprised, doubled my connections of qualified leads on Linkedin, just the ones I was looking for, many interesting contacts & leads. Take what you can get from Nathalie and learn from her!"
- Ute Meiborg, Team & HR Consultant & Coach, Germany
"Before we started working together I was totally lost - did not know where to start to create my offering. After only 2,5 months I now did 11 pitches and the feedback for my compelling offer is: Very well understandable, clear message, a lot of benefits and the concrete results are 1 sale, 4-5 close to completing an agreement (or a sale) and 2 others with very positive input and a good chance getting business out of it. I moved from nothing to paying clients within 2,5 months!."
- Bert Evers, Netherlands
Leadership Coach Athletes & Exec.
"bitcon-granny: 3 clients after only 3 sessions - if I can do it, anybody can!"
Cornelia Handschin, Bitcoin Granny - Bitcoin Coach & Consultant, Switzerland
"13 clients after 6 sessions"
- Mariana Solorzano, MD & Migration Consultant, Mexico/Germany
"pipeline filled, 1 corporate client worth 50 k$!"
- Vishal Chaudhari, B2B Business Consultant, India
"almost doubling my income within 3,5 months""
Ken Kurtzweg, B2B Innovation Consultant, USA/Germany

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