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Turn Your Expertise into a Compelling Offer Your Ideal Client Loves to Buy

- even if you're brandnew in business and have never sold a thing in your life -

and at make at least $25'000 within 6 months - GUARANTEED

The 3 keys to make any Coaching and Consulting Business work. 
Interview with founder Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

"Went from Greenhorn in Sales to selling over 10'000 Swiss Francs to 2 clients after my 3rd pitch - it was shocking, really. I said to myself: "F... this PMP works! Just do what Nathalie tells you to do."
- Cla Mosca, Switzerland

"I was hesitant at first because I was already in another program for my Coaching Business. I decided to sign up because the promise was clarity, focus and clients. After 45 days I have an ROI of 7 - 14 x my initial investment - defintly got what I came for!"
- Joe Anderson Rau, Germany
"Won my biggest contract ever in my career!"
"I'm so grateful for the stuff we've done here - much higher quality, much higher drive, much more helpful then other trainings I've done - just realizing the value of what we do here!"
-  group wins
The biggest problem when you enter the Coaching Industry as a brand-new coach is...
NOT that you do not have incredible knowledge to share...

It's neither that you do not know how to coach (because most of you have done extensive training in that area and have graduated from several coaching certifications)

and it's also NOT your willingness and comittment to create a successful business...
The BIGGEST problem is....
NOBODY told you how the Coaching BUSINESS works.

No one taught you about the tools, techniques, market research, signature system creation, expertise sharpening, online lead generation, social media marketing, sales skills & systemization - or in short:

All the components to create a profitable, working Coaching Business.

And what's the consequence of this lack of knowledge respective to your industry and the business around it?

A lot of brandnew Coaches struggle.

And a lot of brandnew Coaches give up on their dream to build an impactful Coaching Business 
- and go back to get a job.
That's why we created the Coaching Business Academy:
To fill the Gaps. And to help you succeed.

Not only do we show you the HOW, we create the Marketing Outreach with our systems for you, so you can focus on doing what you love:

Coaching and helping your clients transform.

The How & Details


Work smart - not hard and create systems and scalable business models


Business requires a very different type of skillset than employment which often does not come natural to coaches


Become the bigger vessel you need to be in order to hold high paying clients, generate a bigger impact and increase your profit

Who is the Business Academy for?

REQUIREMENT to Enter the Business Academy: 
MUST HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED the following entry program:

either PMP or IPS (Step 1-7) or IPL

Content Details of the 6 months Business Academy *Quantum Leap Edition*

Step 1 - Sales Booster Formula™ ¦ Day 0 - 30

5 strategies and 1:1 coaching to get 3 – 5 clients or more, organically ¦ 
Value: $7000

Step 2 - Lead Booster Formula I™ ¦ Day 31 - 60

18 strategies for free organic business leads - get 50 leads/week or more and 1:1 coaching ¦ Value: $4900

Step 3 - LinkedIn Growth Engine™ ¦ Months 3

Get started with our Lead Automation Software to systemize the best performing Strategy from Step 2 ¦ 5-10 appointments booked / month ¦ 
done for you copy and system ¦ Value: $4500

Step 4 - Experience Funnel Masterclass™ ¦ Months 4

Create 3 mini products, design your strategic lead warmup  ¦ 1:1 & Group Coaching ¦ Value: $5000

Step 5 - Lead Conversion Formula ¦ Month 5

Increase your lead conversion with the Lead Nurturing System: 100 % more leads turn into paying clients ¦ Done with you System ¦  Value: $3000

Step 6 - Profit Booster Formula II ™ ¦ Month 6

Cold Email Campaign with 5000 emails sent ¦ done for you copy and system ¦ Get your own Virtual Assistant to do do the admin for you 
10-15 additional appointments booked / month ¦ Value: $6500
"I was surprised in a positive way - teaching in the form of fun, games - the stuff Nathalie teaches just works. Managed to have 5 events, together have 50 tickets sold, that's a massive ramp-up of my customer base.
You can do this for any industry, just trust Nathalie. She has put up a step-by-step system - everything builds on top of one another. You will be surprised about the results! I'm done with the customer acquisition for the year!"

- Anja Blodow, Germany 
"You've made it very easy to follow a process, which is a more natural way of doing things
If anyone's worried about being pushy or slimey and manipulative when selling, forget about all that: This is a very open hearted way of working with people.
Thru that process my way of being has changed, so I'm seeing more success in my business. Totally recommend it."

- Martin Daubney, UK 
"Thanks to Nathalie and her team we've landed a multi-billion $ company after working with the sourcing team for 1 month plus got 350 highly valuable leads to work with. This is a 1000 x ROI after only 1 month - I highly recommend working with her!"

- Dhiren Desa, CEO of Parmenides / Eidos SW
(Target: Large Corporations)
"The truth is the system works. 13 % sales conversion and my biggest lesson is the importance of following a proven system.
Just follow the process of Nathalie. You get huge added value, very recommendable."

- Raul Ladrero, Germany 
Founder of ImoVidal
Delivery - the 3 C's




1. Online Content on demand ¦ Learning Management System ¦ Experience Platform  ¦ Content library on THE VICTORY LOG platform, > 100 hours of video & more than 60 templates 

2. ​Community in LinkedIn Group and in live online sessions

3. Benefit from unlimited 1:1 coaching to have a sparring partner, bounce ideas back and forth and get an outside perspective

4. ​Bi-weekly group implementation sessions

Every other week you work with our experts and likeminded coaches on your business in the small group implementation sessions.

It's not about how much you know, it's about how much you implement. Get hands-on, practical feedback on your positioning, niche, programs, sales cycle, lead generation and whatever else you are working on at the moment.

Create momentum in our sprint sessions, leverage the power of the group and connect in a community of peers who are on the same path:

To create more value by sharing what we know, have more meaning and impact and start making a difference in other people's lives and businesses!

5. Monthly Sales and Business specific trainings (2 hours, online) ¦ Value: $1994

"really great structures I feel confident to follow. We covered s much in just 2 days, biggest lesson: just do it. During the program I managed to get a new clients, so the thing paid for itself several times over. Absolutely recommend it"

- Simon Crowe, UK
"so many take aways, phrasing it simply: get shit done. Have all these templates and tools now - put them to work! I now feel equiped to just get it done - thank you!"

- Melina Plass, Germany
"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow your Coaching Business!"

- Desirée van der Laan, Netherlands
"great energy & lessons! learned about the Million $ Funnel & finally found my niche"

- Martin Nowak, Germany
6. 1:1 Coaching Sessions on Demand
When you feel stuck or would like to bounce ideas back and forth or simply get an outside perspective and quick feedback: Hop on a 1:1 Acceleration Session with your designated business expert whenever you need it 
7. 5 x strategic review sessions 1:1 with our Business Consultants 60 min - online
Get 1:1 consulting and alignment on your journey with your coach at strategic milestones within the 7 steps.
"Until I started the IPS I was a really broad life coach, I could do many things. It was tough to explain it to people. The consequence of that was: the business did not work and sales suffered.

The IPS got me very confident to create the product.

 Best thing is the group, we comment each other, we have coaches who support us and we can see ideas that we did not think about before.

My tip: If you're a coach and you're kind of stuck and not going anywhere, go for it, it's the best thing you can do for yourself."

- Marion Dumazy, Germany
Decide Now! Coach 
"Before I joined the mentioning of sales scared me. The challenge I was facing was being a new coach, completed my training last year and asked myself: Now what?
What I love the most about the IPS is: It takes the coaching training I had and converts it into a business, in a step by step way. And getting my business off the ground to making a profit. Love the structure!
I also love the whole process- especially the gamified approach to learning, it's a lot of fun! Takes away the overwhelm of learning. 

And the community: An amazing group of people, shared passion, shared values. Plus having a coach by your side for support.
If you get the opportunity to be part of it - go for it!"

- Kagiso Molatlhwa, Botswana
Executive & Management Coach

Meet your coaches:

Christelle Pillot

Next to her role as trainer and head coach of THE VICTORY LOG’s business academy since 2020, her specialty is potential analysis, career optimization and team building at home:
Since 2015 Christelle has been teaching dozens of families, companies, schools and executives. Christelle owns a chemical engineering master’s degree and is certified as a coach and trainer. Christelle speaks French, English and German.
You will love Christelle’s driven, results-oriented thinking and her dynamic business mind.
She quickly assesses business situations and always finds creative win-win solutions. Working with her is a treat because she makes sure her clients get the results they are after.

Diana Blanco

Certified ICF Coach since 2012, fluent in English and Spanish. Apart from working with THE VICTORY LOG she’s running her own business helping entrepreneurs and online business owners with mindset and business mentoring.
Diana holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from San Francisco State University and an MBA from the Chamber of Commerce of Paris. She has over 15 years’ experience in marketing, working for multiple international corporations in the UK, US and Spain.
Apart from Diana’s vast knowledge of online marketing tools & strategies, her unique superpower is her empathy and a deep care for her students. She understands the ups and downs better than no-one and will guide you step-by-step to achieve the desired outcome.

Karin Jahn

After spending 23 years as a sports teacher in Germany, Karin Jahn decided to change carreer and started to give talks and help people transform their lifes and bodies. 

Working on people's mindsets and understanding the importance of removing old baggage has always fascinated Karin. She soon discovered quantum physics methodologies and energy work. For the past 17 years Karin has studied, learned and developed her own methodology for removing stubborn inner blocks, procrastination, unknown hidden beliefs and as a result skyrocketing people's performances in different life areas, including business.

Within the business academy QUANTUM+ edition she offers her 35+ years in the filed of energy and transformation work to coaches using a quantum computer program to speed up results, flow and ease when building your business.

Content Overview

Content Overview




Step 1 - Day 0 – 30 
Sales Booster Formula ¦ 3 – 5 clients or more
done with you ¦ 1:1 sales coaching 


Step 2 - Day 31 – 60 
Lead Booster Formula I ¦ 50 leads/week or more ¦ done with you ¦ 1:1 sales coaching 


Step 3 - Month ​3
Profit Booster Formula I ¦ 4 months LinkedIn Lead automation DFY  ¦ 5-10 app/m 
done for you system & copy


Step 4 - Month 4 
Experience Funnel Masterclass ¦ 3 mini products, design strategic lead warmup 
done with you ¦ 1:1 and group coaching


Step 5 - Month ​5
Nurturing System ¦ + lead conversion by 100% 
done with you ¦  1:1 coaching


Step 6 - Month 6 
Profit Booster Formula II ¦ Cold Email Camp. DFY–10-15 appointments/month done for you ¦ 5000 emails sent thru our system


Content library on THE VICTORY LOG platform 
> 100 hours video + > 60 templates


Monthly Sales and Business specific trainings (2 hours, live, online)


4 months of Lead Generation Software


Quantum Booster Formula, 3 months package

  • 3 sessions (60 min) with quantum expert to identify mental and emotional past and present blockages based on your coaches input
  • daily frequency packages, customized to personal situation (runs automatically, no time required) for 3 months, 1 new program per month
  • remove emotional and mental blockage from past and present, boost your results, stop procrastination and solve one specific "mindfrick" theme every month


Make at least $25'000 during the 6 months or we'll work with you until you do

When you have implemented all the 6 steps or projects within the 6 months and have not reached a minimum of 25'000 USD revenue we will continue to work with you for free until you do, as long as you're friendly, coachable and implement 100 % of our proven process.




one payment

USD 21'000*

USD 20'000 *

monthly plans (6 installments)

prices valid until 31.5.2023
* plus 7.7 % Swiss VAT for Swiss Residents

USD 4'100*

(Total USD 24'600*)

USD 4'000*

(Total USD 24'000*)

REQUIREMENT to Enter the Business Academy: MUST HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED the following entry program:

either PMP or IPS (Step 1-7) or IPL

Fill out the form to apply:

What others are saying...

Alex Lanz, Netherlands
Leadership Coach in Corporations

"As a leadership coach I focus on critical team transformations, my target group are medium size companies within Europe. Before starting the IPL process I expected to get a system in place to get leads, but found out I had to go back and do my homework first, or in other words: Define what really is my core offering.

The IPL process helped me to narrow my focus, or as my friend says: I had to make a to be chosen. I love to bring things immediately into practice, so I decided to use my new product pitch in my next sales conversation - and it resulted in a direct sale! Within 4 weeks, I got back an ROI of 25 x my original investment with IPL.

My advise: Be coachable and trust the IPL process! My favorite thing was being made aware of the choices you have to make and it's sometimes only little adjustments you need to do to get to the next level. I knew I had 4 weeks of low season and I fully dedicated it to the program, do this investment in yourself so you can easily accelerate. 

It feels peaceful after having gone thru the process because I know I did my homework well and I can now focus on the market: There will be more yesses than ever before (so far 100 % conversion rate).

My tip: Work on yourself and try this process out immediatly! "

André Hefti, Switzerland
Self Leadership Coach

"Before starting the IPL process the challenge was that I have a good knowledge about a lot of stuff, I tried to offer almost everything to everybody, so it was hard for me to create a clear product.

Biggest result or aha was that I had a clear product and my clients understand the product - and it works! The first person I offered this product - he bought. And then a second one, and a third sale! 

Only started 4 weeks ago.

My favorite thing? Everything was my favorit thing! 

You and my coach Christelle were great sparring partners, helped me a lot to go and overcome my own resistance inside.

Mix between coaching and and the academy/lms, to accept the way you taught and follow the process. 

I gained clarity for myself during the process, what I actually am selling. 

My tip: Just do it!"

Christelle Pillot, France
"After 5 years of searching for the right niche, I clarity in less then 2 months plus I already found a client in my new niche after 6 weeks "

Samareh Rahnavardi, 
South Africa
"3 clients, clarity and thank you so much for crossing my path"

Roberto Maugheri, Switzerland
"implemented your sales & social media strategy and got a client straight away!"

About the Founder & Creator:

Why I do what I do - Interview at the TV Show "Pathways to Success"

Nathalie Sabrina Dahl
Coming from over 20 years of business background and over 15 years studying Personal Development, Nathalie Sabrina Dahl combines both in a unique way.

Her Programs are effective & efficient, adding at least 5 - 10 Return on Investment to her clients.
The results prove that outstanding success does not necessarily require a lot of time.
About THE VICTORY LOG - What our Brand stands for:
All our programs have been tested over and over again  - we only give you what works. They are based on proven principles which work in various industries. 

Time is Money. WRONG. Time is more valuable than money:
You can always make more money, but you cannot get more time  - it is a very precious commodity.   
This is why we stand for effective & efficient programs, no BS, no Timewasters, no Bla-Bla. Just straight forward proven step-by-step processes that you can implement immediatly. 

The simpler, the better. That's why we give you templates and  systems to follow so there is no guesswork and it is also duplicable and teachable. 

It's your Results that count, and YOUR Success that matters. Therefore  we offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on pretty much all of our 
programs - should you be unhappy let us know.

One of our Key Credo's is: Add the most value possible to the largest  number of people with the least possible effort & cost: 
Our Credo is your Benefit.
Nathalie Sabrina Dahl, Founder & CEO
Langmattstrasse 30, 5625 Kallern, Switzerland